Success Strategies

Any good coach will tell you that regardless of how good the game plan may be, regardless of the countless hours spent studying the tendencies of your opponent, you will not be able to execute the plan if you’re not physically prepared to do so. There are few feeling worse in the world than the feeling of knowing exactly what to do and not having the physical ability to do it. This is why many coaches concentrate on this aspect of the game long before one play is introduced.

The same came be said when you are building your business. Many of us have been in business for quite some time and have a very good grasp of their Key Result Producing Activities, but for whatever reason they have not succeeded in executing them. The bottom line is the individual in question is not mentally prepared for success. The term I like to use here is “Mentally Fit”. 

They do not possess a success mindset. Somewhere deep down they do not truly believe they will succeed. They are in a state of hoping something happens favorably to them or that they might just luck up and be successful. Either way there is a definite lack of belief which will inevitably lead to failure. You can never success past your ability to see yourself successful. One certainly will dictate the other. As a man thinketh, so is he.
We must become “Mentally Fit” before we can expect to attain the level of success that is innate within us. . To be Mentally Fit is to be in a state of mind where we see the success we are to have long before it shows up. Being Mentally Fit means having developed the belief necessary to exude the confidence and posture that will allow you to create the life that you desire and likewise help, others to do the same.
Successful people from all professions will be attracted to you by the persona that you portray. Remember like attracts like. It is imperative that you begin to see yourself as the success you will become…right now. No one can consistently perform at a level that is contrary to the way that they see themselves. Sooner or later the real you will show up.
So how do you begin to change? What does it take to get “Mentally Fit”? First just as in physical fitness you should begin where you are and start slowly. You must write down your goal statement (make it specific) of what you want and when you will get it. Read it twice a day, morning and night. (out loud… because your brain will always give precedence to what you are saying over what you are thinking) If you fall asleep wake up and read it.
The habitual process will make this possible. In addition you must right down positive affirmations about yourself and the person who you will surly become. Write it as though it has already happened.
Example; I am a successful business owner. I have hit my desired financial level and am helping others to do likewise. You must also say this out loud day and night. In time you will internalize these thoughts and begin to emulate the confessions you are making. Before you know it your confessions and thoughts(you) will become one. It is your thought process that will always determine your actions and your actions your future.
Through this process you begin to search for books, ( and listen to tapes that will improve your personal competence, and make you more knowledgeable about your business. Once you have begun to master this you will without fail become Mentally Fit and a Hopeless Success. “Remember poverty and prosperity can always be found in the same place… your mind.”


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